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NORTHSIDE | The First Wave of Drum & Bass in Finland 2LP

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Kuvilla, flyereillä ja muistoilla kuorrutettu matka junglen / drum & bassin alkuvuosiin Pohjolassa. Tuplavinyylillä ennen julkaisemattomia raitoja 90-luvulta asti genren legendaarisimmilla levymerkeillä julkaisseilta suomalaistuottajilta.  Spessu All That Plazzista ostaneille: digikopiot kaupan päälle! Lähetä kuva kuitista & levystä osoitteeseen

NORTHSIDE documents the formative years of jungle / drum & bass scene in Finland. Complemented by extensive sleeve notes exploring the country’s earliest DJs & producers, NORTHSIDE is an intriguing look into how far the music has travelled from the UK and at the same time represents Finland's own sound, energy and character that remains distinctive to this day.

Featuring unreleased tracks all the way from mid 90s both by original pioneers and literally all the big names of the Finnish scene (Fanu, Resound, Muffler, Dice aka Tes La Rok, Physics...) the compilation is available as a double vinyl album and an extensive digital version. A super limited c-cassette mixtape of 20 more rare dubs & bootlegs will also be available exclusively on Bandcamp.

Compiled by ODJ Dizzy. Tracks mastered by Fanu. Limited edition vinyl (300 copies) mastered by Beau @ Ten Eight Seven and pressed at Record Industry. Vinyl distributed by Unearthed.

Double vinyl - Tracklist:
A1 Samuel & Nasley: Northside (1997)
A2 Champagne: Cyclone (1998)
A3 Dharma: Stars Up Above (2002)
B1 Dice: Memories (2004 / 2020 rework)
B2 Bluez & Bronco: Drum No Die (2003)
C1 Muffler: It’s The Way* (2001, originally scheduled as SUBB003)
C2 Esc & Mineral: Kongo Tune (2003)
D1 Resound: Ghetto Funk (2005)
D2 Fanu: Two Drummers (2003)
NORTHSIDE documents the early years of jungle & drum&bass scene in Finland. Featuring unreleased tracks all the way from mid 90s by the biggest names of the local scene (Fanu, Resound, Muffler etc.) and the original pioneers (Samuel & Nasley, Champagne, Breakwater Crew etc.). Compiled by ODJ Dizzy. Tracks mastered by Fanu, vinyl mastered by Beau @ Ten Eight Seven. Limited edition of 300 copies. Pressed at Record Industry.
* Vinyl only track