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Blueyes Musica

Ransukoira - Good Simulation LP

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Asan instrumentaalilafka Blueyes Musican ensimmäinen täyspitkä vinyyli.

To be an artist is to search for balance and harmony in a world that so often appears cruel and merciless. It is to find beauty through honesty and description, to bring forth an affirmative answer to the question of existence, to welcome all that is to come.

Ranskukoira is an artist – someone whose supreme effort is to channel what life brings his way. Hence the music is very much like him. It is visual as it is auditive. It is seasoned while new.

So out of the blue, while Ransukoira's debut album "Good Simulation" is dropped, the sun is finally making an appearance in the northern hemisphere. Here are the tunes, let's dance!